Styling Series: The Polo

GQ recently did an article on how to properly wear a polo so we decided that since they covered the basics, it is our duty to give you the options of what Polo to purchase.

We won’t bombard you with a million styles but rather the 2 most popular ones of our Spring 2015 collection: Joshua and Owen.


The Owen  is available in 5 different colors that are perfect for all occasions from formal to casual wear events. With a snap button, single slit pocket, this 100% cotton Jersey Polo is comfortable and versatile. Pair with khakis, shorts, or denim. If you want to impress your date, we suggest black slacks with a blazer.


The Joshua has a woven trim and is a micro pique Polo, with a rib collar. Also 100% cotton, which is 100% comfort for you. Available in 5 colors that run slightly darker than the Owen selections. A great fit for picnics, BBQs, or a beach day.

Make sure to grab yours here #TheJeremiahFeel

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